Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.” ~ Scott Hayden

I started teaching in 2006 after originally pursuing a degree in Counselling Studies at York St John. After leaving University I started working in schools and developed a passion for working with children.  This interest and my success within the classroom gave me the desire to venture into primary school teaching.

I am always engaged in continuous learning in order to broaden my knowledge and experience. I continued my studies at Masters level in Education to enhance my own learning, deepen my knowledge and develop my teaching skills. This was a particular highlight in my professional development, exploring theory and history in education beyond the realms of classroom teaching and learning.

Giving young children the best possible education in life inspires me.  I have always enjoyed delivering enriching, engaging and exciting lessons that promote learning, imagination, independence and development. My background in Counselling has enabled me to marry a nurturing and supportive ethos to my teaching approach. I believe that communication, listening and understanding lay the foundations to build confident and resilient learners who can challenge themselves and overcome barriers.

I am professional in my approach and committed to promoting the education and well-being of children. Creating a trusting and safe space is paramount to allow optimum learning to evolve. Good practise is something I am fully committed to, with the ability to establish a supportive relationship with not only pupils but also their parents.