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If you just want to chat about what you can do to help your child excel in learning at home, then please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. All correspondence is completely confidential, free and most importantly non-judgmental. The pace of juggling parenting in life today can be pretty overwhelming. School expectations are high and we are all trying to do our best and fundamentally do what is right for our little one.


If you want to book your child a series of tutoring sessions, there is no obligation to sign up for a specific amount. It is a ‘pay as you go’ system with a series of work planned weekly that is specifically personalised towards your little learners needs. If you or your learner decide that tutoring is not for you, then there is no expectation to commit to future sessions. I generally work from home unless parents would prefer me to travel, occasionally this may alternate, depending on each individual’s preference. Following each session, I forward on notes to feedback from the teaching and learning to ensure the parent is involved. Tuition sessions last an hour long.  You may book two half hour slots within the week if you prefer.

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If your learner has a sibling that you would like to get involved, then they can do a ‘buddy up’ session. Perhaps your learner would like to come with a friend and learn together…I can offer a differentiated session to suit both needs. Some children benefit from this way of learning and they will still receive the same dedicated teaching time and attention.


Occasionally I run workshops that are open to all learners to book on. These sessions will generally take place on a weekend and offer a fun ‘one off’ learning activity incorporating both Maths and English. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get together and learn in a practical and enjoyable way. The session will be delivered using arts and crafts, baking or games.

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